It is important to gather all the relevant information for what you are getting when it comes to shopping for Wi-Fi solutions. Once you know as a business which access points you will be installing, you always should consider how you deploy and support them. Wireless networks are becoming more complex, however most vendors, such as ourselves, offer a management platform to centralise the configuration and provision of networks. Centralising your network makes for easier management and servicing. Currently, the most popular system for WLAN management is the cloud, a service that we install regularly here at vietec.
To ensure you achieve the best WLAN, you will need to challenge your vendor to demonstrate the following points;
1 – Maintenance
What would the situation be if a problem was to arise? Who would deal with this? What tools are available to you to fix this?
2 – Organising
Do you have access to the floor plan with access points integrated on this? Is the Wi-Fi covering all desks without problems?
3 – Supplying
Will there be any training provided to be able to learn and understand the interface? If yes, do you know what this is? Has the process to connect to your access point and configure basic and advanced features been shown?
4 – Clarity
In terms of your dashboard, are there personalised options offered? Looking at historical data, will there be any available? Will you be authorised to search within the system?
5 – Unified Policies
Is the solution able to host 3rd party devices? In addition to this, is it able to support other devices like switches and routers?

Here at vietec we provide real value to our client base. We offer an exceptionally high quality of professional services with access to a variety of in-depth technical skills. Additionally, we offer market leading solutions providing excellent voice and data support over WLAN. Whilst still holding a centralised view, cloud management offers additional flexibility both technically and commercially. vietec can integrate a cloud management system into your existing WLAN, please do not hesitate to contact us and see how we can benefit your business.