Network Security Management for Schools

Network Security Management for Schools

Make it easy to protect what matters

Keep your students, staff and visitors safe with an end-to-end security solution managed by AXIS Camera Station video security management system delivered by vietec.

Safety, security and efficiency are all crucial to your operations. But without the right solutions in place, managing it all can be time-consuming – and costly.

Axis is here to help. As the market leader in network video, our intelligent products and technologies have been designed to work seamlessly together – giving you a complete package to help increase security and simplify your day-to-day operations.

Or, if you need to adapt to existing policies or specified equipment, you can build your own system, using our software and your choice of PCs and servers.

Reliable and easy to use

AXIS Camera Station is a flexible, safe and reliable video management software with a clear, intuitive interface so any authorized person can manage it. And it’s easy to add new features and functions as your needs change.

For all your campus needs

Get a clear picture of dark stairwells, corridors and weather-beaten car parks. Monitor and manage entrances and restricted areas remotely. And communicate with staff, students and unwanted visitors. With AXIS Camera Station it couldn’t be easier.

Stay safe and secure

With Axis, you get value for money and first-class support. You can rely on an end-to-end solution delivering excellent performance.

School Security Layout

Network cameras

Wide network camera portfolio for high-resolution video.

Discreet designs that blend in with the environment.

Robust cameras.

Public view monitors to act as a deterrent or to easily share the video to others (staff rooms, canteen etc.)

360-degree cameras for complete area overview.

Cameras for live streaming of school events or classes.

I/O modules

Alarm inputs from restricted areas and panic buttons can be used to trigger alerts, recordings or audio messages.

Control other equipment that turns on lights, locks doors or opens gates to improve efficiency.

Entry management

Access control easily manages school entrances after hours.

Remotely manage the entry of visitors, such as parents, delivery drivers and maintenance personnel.

Receive alerts if a door has been forced or held open.


Analytics give insights to minimize unwanted behaviour.

AXIS Perimeter Defender

Detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding on the school premises.

AXIS Loitering Guard

Alerts if people or vehicles have been in a selected area of the school for too long.

Network speakers

Use speakers for clear live audio or pre-recorded messages to communicate with students, staff and unwanted visitors.