Protecting school assets with CCTV

PROBLEM:  Children Keep Out!

Most schools have a place which is out of bounds for children.  New legislation with GDPR and protecting personal and sensitive information, school offices, server rooms need to be monitored. Unsupervised IT suites, chemistry labs and chemical storage areas also need protecting to keep equipment secure.  Rules are often ignored and due to horseplay or maliciousness IT equipment is damaged and accidents happen.

Using CCTV and software, virtual trip wires can be placed around areas within a school, college or university that need to be guarded. When someone enters an area that is monitored by the cameras the VMS triggers an alarm and cameras can be directed to record the incident and alerts can be sounded. If connected to a PA system, announcements can be delivered to warn people that they are entering a restricted area. Utilising ACCESS CONTROL access to these areas can be restricted to relevant authorised staff only

CCTV retains restricted areas
PROBLEM: Equipment being stolen or damage

Schools and parents through PTA’s and Friends of the School groups, work hard in fundraising projects. To raise funds for extra equipment to improve the delivery of education, by adding additional items of IT equipment or improving sports facilities or adding to playground equipment. The items are often expensive and sometimes become vandalised or damaged through misuse. This often leads to disgruntled parents, disillusioned children and out of pocket schools.  

Improving perimeter security and monitoring restricted areas with CCTV will help protect valuable property. Using software to trigger alarms when products are moved from an area using cross line detection will alert staff that a theft is imminent. Cameras can record when an event is logged, and security services can use the recording to prosecute.

CCTV helps secure your property

CCTV can be as simple or complex as it needs to be. Our aim is to give you the right solution and not over-sell products that you don’t need but to give you enough capability on your chosen system to be able to add on further cameras should the need arise.

vietec want to have a long-standing relationship with a school. We understand the need for a school to be able to give students a secure environment to learn in and resources that enable them to have the best education. We also understand the cost of this and will deliver the best solution as cost-efficiently as we can with the service you would expect.