Network Design

Network Design is a core service that vietec provide. Network design is the stage of planning, prior to the implementation of a network infrastructure, that determines the elements that will bring the installation together. All network designs are carefully put together by our highly skilled and experienced team, and can include the need to use specially designed software packages - designed to scale with your network. 

Our Network Infrastructure Design services include;

  • Network Infrastructure Audit
  • Whether passive or non-intrusive, this is designed to highlight areas of potential problems with both active hardware and cabling systems and recommends a course of action and remedy.
  • Network Analysis
  • This service provides active testing to proactively measure and monitor performance as well as discovering faults or bottlenecks.
  • Network Design
  • After a full network audit or analysis and also taking in to account key issues such as site, environment, expansion and configuration limits, vietec design a solution that covers short and long term needs of the client.
  • Network Hardware Implementation and Support
  • From project management to site documentation, vietec can fully implement network infrastructure with active hardware, PoE and non-PoE, UPS, comms room design and testing. All equipment supplied can be covered by vietec maintenance and support alongside the manufacturer’s warranty.

Each network design is unique and we work with the client to establish the requirements and evaluate where we can make improvements to the overall delivery of the network, allowing it to function seamlessly. Our aim is to design a network that is future-ready, meaning that as technology changes we are allowing organisations to be ready for change and growth.