Intelligent use of video surveillance

Large surveillance systems are often monitored manually, which leads to strain on manpower and potential mistakes due to extended periods of concentration within businesses.

In 2015 there were an estimated 5.9million CCTV cameras operating across the UK* – an average of 1 camera per 11 people. A market survey by the International Association of Public Transport**, drew attention to one company in particular who have 22,000 cameras within their organisation.

The level of CCTV across the country can come at a detriment when it comes to following up on incidents, taking up employee’s time to source the correct footage. Not only is there the issue of man hours to monitor the areas that the cameras cover but there is the requirement for a large system capable of storage these volumes of information, with accessibility to refer back to any incident.

As technology develops, organisations are consistently looking to future-proof their investments, including their surveillance. The movement in technology is leaning towards IP hosted networks, meaning that all cameras can be linked to multiple local area networks or cloud applications. This means that it is possible to have unlimited storage of footage, which can be related back to at any time.

For public transport networks IP hosted storage and monitoring is an ideal solution, for buses, being on the road and linking back to a cloud platform, where a remote person can monitor the network. Incidents can be reported in real-time, which can be beneficial to all parties – particularly when emergency services are required.

vietec can offer a range of IP surveillance solutions that can be hosted both inside and outside of your existing network, using providers such as Axis Communications. vietec work with multiple sectors to deliver solutions to sectors including construction, education, manufacturing and retail. All companies have a duty of care to their employees and visitors, ensuring safety is monitored whilst on site. To supplement surveillance, other products can be installed alongside CCTV, including Bluetooth beacons via Wi-Fi networks, which have the capability to track movement of individuals across specific sites. If you have a requirement to increase your surveillance or review the products you use, we’d love to discuss your business requirements.