Electronic Image Stabilization

Wind and rain can have effects on your surveillance equipment, which is why Axis Communications have designed a robust product to combat the relates issues.

The wind can make a camera shake and vibrate resulting in images coming out blurry. Blurry images are useless to your surveillance. However, Axis Communications have provided a solution to make your CCTV work in all conditions. Electronic Image Stabilization. This product has been designed to be able to cope with high and low amplitudes and provide clear images, even in conditions with lots of motion, such as the wind or rain.
Electronic Image Stabilization has to rely on different algorithms for modelling camera motion, this is used to correct the images, thus making them more useable. The pixels outside of the visible image will be used as a buffer for motion and the data on these pixels can be used to shift the image from frame to frame, enough to counterbalance the motion and then create a stream of stable video.
This solution is cost efficient, due to the lack of need for moving parts. However, there is one shortcoming which is the dependence on the input from the image sensor. For example, if a car passed quickly the camera would have difficulties in distinguishing the image.

Electronic Image Stabilization will give you peace of mind with your surveillance equipment with the knowledge that the weather will not effect your recording problems. Here at vietec our engineers are on hand to provide your business with the best solutions. If you already have an Axis Communications CCTV set up we are able to integrate this to your existing cameras. Alternately, we can provide your business with a brand-new Surveillance System to suit your needs. We’re always happy to discuss your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see how vietec can benefit your business.