CCTV and the fight against bullying.

CCTV helps prevent Bullying in schools

“I don’t want to go to school today mum”. That’s what my son says nearly every morning. He’s 10 and he is being bullied. The school is doing what they can, but their hands seemed to be tied. During lesson time my son feels safe as he is under the watchful eye of his teacher. Break times and lunch times are the worst. My son feels exposed and unprotected.
A playground is a big place and the supervisors can’t see all around it. They need eye’s in the back of their heads to keep an eye on the children and ensure all are safe.

Groups of children together for long periods of time, stressing over pending exams, friendship problems, hormones, bullying, misunderstandings and accidents, all of these factors can spark fights amongst children meaning adults are needed to intervene.
A schools goal is to create an environment that nurtures learning, a goal that is only possible if everyone is present and safe in school. Protect your school with an efficient and reliable network-based security system.

Monitoring busy hallways during the day when teachers are busy preparing for lessons is tricky. Very quickly situations can escalateCCTV in a playground is an added measure to keep children safe. Cameras can be placed on buildings or poles and be able to view and record the whole playing area. This will act naturally as a deterrent to children who are misbehaving but also deter bullies from physically attacking others.

Using a CCTV system incorporating virtual tripwires enables areas to be cordoned off, an alarm can be sounded when children cross over areas. Detection may be used in order to identify an urgent situation such as the sound of fighting. 

This is useful when segregating year groups or separating for health and safety reasons where there are walkways and play areas adjacent to each other. 

When crowds gather, there is normally a spectacle to watch. Two children fighting in a hallway or it could be a child in trouble. You can be alerted to these events through the analytics on your video management system. You can identify where there is an unusual crowd build up, so alerts and alarms can be flagged. This could be an audible alarm, lights or an automatic announcement through a PA. Comprehensive, visible video surveillance can not only act as a deterrent to bullying and violence but can help in identifying where situations are escalating, allowing fast action to be taken.

vietec understands most schools have limited security budgets. Integrated video surveillance, access control and audio solutions for your school will give the best possible protection, and the biggest return on security investment, letting you better allocate budgets and resources.