Bring Your Own Device, otherwise known as BYOD, is a policy that can be implemented into your business that allows employees to bring their own devices (laptops and tablets) into the work place. With this, the employer is also allowing employees to access all sensitive data such as emails and databases. With this access employees can respond to emails and/or continue work from home.

There are many ways BYOD can benefit your business. Flexibility is one of the best benefits attached to BYOD. Having all the access on your devices will enable your employees to work from home as well as from their desks. Giving this access to employees builds trust, and grants freedom within the work place. Creating a more positive environment to work in. Another benefit is that employees are often more familiar with their own devices, therefore this will lessen the need for extra training, productivity levels increase and make the employees more comfortable while doing work.

With all advantages, come disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the security costs, with the great responsibility attached to allowing employees access to documents outside of work hours comes great security requirements. A good system will need to be in place to notify the SMT if things out of the ordinary are happening within the system. As well as notifying, as a strong Wi-Fi signal for everyone connected. Having a strong system within the company will mean that multiple devices per person can be accessed and used without any outages. A strong network is paramount to business success, which is something that we work on frequently, for many of our customers. Another stand out disadvantage being the costs for the employees, when not all employees have suitable devices to hand.  Therefore, they will be the ones who will have to buy their own devices, which may not make the employee happy – which can have a knock on effect to their working delivery.

Here at vietec we understand the decision process to implement BYOD into your business will be hard. There is a vast amount of points to be considered and they are not ones that can be made overnight. When it comes to strengthening your Wi-Fi, or enhancing your security requirements, our team of expert engineers are on hand to offer the best advice that will suit your business needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require further assistance.