Benefits of Network Audio

Integrated systems solutions are no longer reserved solely for surveillance, perimeter detection and door entry control, Audio is the new star on the horizon.

Audio intercoms often incorporate surveillance and access control, bringing voice to surveillance and security, it’s ideal when combined with an IP CCTV system. An IP Audio device also allows you to alert and deter intruders when they are spotted by the CCTV pre-defined analytics.

Some of the benefits of IP Audio are:

  • Stable and consistent sound quality with the ability to target single or multiple zones, easy content management with live or pre-recorded broadcasts.
  • Real time triggered announcements with the integration of CCTV analytics, such as motion detection, loitering monitoring, or heat mapping.
  • Ambient music assigned through simple drag and drop functionality using dedicated software.
  • Efficient configuration and maintenance of products, IP Audio solutions are designed on an open platform to allow further components to be added to enhance the system.
  • Online fault reporting enables any potential failures in the system to be identified remotely, and efficiently, avoiding the unnecessary cost and disruption associated with manually checking all speakers and components as one might need to do with an analogue system.

When Audio is transmitted digitally you do not have the worry of the common analogue challenges of interference from other electrical equipment, or signal disruption over long cable runs.

Being able to use the same cabling for data, control, Audio, and video is an inherent benefit of IP Audio systems. Also, switching, duplicating, and routing of Audio signals is less expensive and more flexible with IP-based solutions.

Axis Communications have developed an impressive range of Network Audio products, bringing the expertise gained during the transition from analogue to digital in the professional video market, but also to the professional Audio market. vietec joined the Axis Communication Program in June 2010 and have continued to prove the ability to successfully meet the complete video surveillance solution needs of end users and hold Axis Gold Partner status and AXIS Camera Station Specialist.

Interested in finding out more about how IP Audio could benefit your organisation? You can watch our information video here HERE